30th Signals Regiment

The Dyers connection with the regiment dates from 1960 and came about through the appointment of Lt.Col Marshall as CO of the then 90th Signal Regiment in August 1956. Lt.Col Marshall was also a Liveryman of the Dyers and following retirement from the Army, went on to become Prime Warden. In 1960 and by then known as 30th Signals Regiment through reorganisation, the Regiment was formally adopted by the Company. The connection has gone from strength to strength in the ensuing years - not least through the efforts of Mike Marshall, son of Lt.Col. Marshall and, in his turn, Prime Warden in 1999/2000, thus maintaining the family connection.

Battle pennant of the 30th Signals Regiment

The Signallers have their own website which well repays a visit. One of the lesser-known facts about the regiment is its historical links with the Gurkha Infantry Brigade. From their website..."In November 1948, eight Royal Signals British soldiers together with seven Gurkha soldiers, who had been transferred from the Gurkha Infantry Battalions were brought together to form the nucleus of an administrative and signals trade training team. In 1949 the first Gurkha Signals Units formed was the Gurkha Signals Training Wing. By August 1950, the Gurkha Independent Brigade Signal Squadron had been formed and in December of that year, under the command of Major C H M Gregory, moved to Kiala Lipis in the Paheng state of Malaya to take over responsibility for communications from 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade this was the Regiments first operation task. By 1953 communications for all Gurkha Infantry Brigades was provided by the Gurkha Signals Units."

More details of this and the Regiments honourable history can be found on their website.

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