The Wardens and Court of Assistants

The affairs of the Company are directed by the Court of Assistants, chaired by the Prime Warden.

The Renter Warden has specific responsibility for our Almshouses, our Swans on the Thames, our hospitality and our finances.

The Clerk is the chief executive and carries out the Court's instructions.

The Company's year officially begins with the Election of Wardens. This takes place at General Court, open to all members of the Livery and held in the Hall on the 2nd Wednesday of October following the annual service at St.James, Garlickhythe, the Dyers' Parish church close by on Upper Thames St. Following election in October, our Prime Warden for 2019/20 is Professor Roger Wardman who took up his office at our Court meeting in November. There is more about him available here.


Our Renter Warden for 2019/20 is James Rothwell who also took office at our November Court following his election in October. There is more about him available here.

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